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Idris Ducrêt



Idris Ducrêt is a professional graphic illustrator graduated from Norman Rockwell University. He is 32 years old and was born in Mexico City. As an enthusiast of Motorsports as well as popular culture such as comics, movies, TV series and more, the focus is on speed motivated art. They are one of the themes that Idris expresses in his own way with a style with which he conceives each work done.

He elaborates mostly on the subject of speed such as Formula 1, having already had exhibitions on the same subject and official presentations at the Mexican Grand Prix.



The art of speed is the taste that Idris Ducrêt shares with Motor Racing and he takes it to an artistic level with which he expresses his passion for this sport.

Idris Ducrêt uses a very personal and specific technique that denotes the moving speed of each car captured on the canvas. The goal of speed motivated art is to express motion and dynamics. On this website he shares a little of his work that he has done throughout his career in different and diverse materials.

Original Paintings


"M. Schumacher acrylics canvas"

– 100 x 150

"hamilton win acrylics canvas"

– 100 x 150

"Scudereia Ferrari acrylics canvas"

– 100 x 150

"ayrton 85' acrylics canvas"

– 100 x 150

"Ayrton senna acrylics canvas"

– 100 x 150

"messi acrylics canvas"

– 100 x 150

"Schummy win acrylics canvas"

– 100 x 150

"lewis hamilton acrylics canvas"

– 100 x 150

"mad max acrylics canvas"

– 100 x 150

"Hamilton helmet acrylics"

– marble & gold 24k

"batman ink on fabriano"

– 90 x 60


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